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Statement from Barbara Marx Hubbard
about Conscious Evolution

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time. She is the author of 9 books, a visionary social innovator and educator, and is also the co-founder and was co-chair of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution and president of Evolutionary Academy.


  • learn to create a solid foundation into your extraordinary awakened life
  • learn to tap into your genius and find others to co-create your vision
  • learn to connect with and relate to your evolutionary impulse
  • learn to radically relate to your inner knowing of truth
  • learn to align with your heart and your being
  • develop conscious leadership skills
  • learn about five future archetypes...

What speakers say about the summit

Anneloes Smitsman

Dr. Julie Krull

Patricia Albere

Dr. Kurt Johnson

Nicholas Janni

MANY OF THE speakers for  conscious evolution  
In this collection you will see

PATRICIA ALBERE - click here to read more

CRAIG HAMILTON - click here to read more

LYNNE MC TAGGART- click here to read more

JOHN DE RUITER- click here to read more

ROLLIN MC CRATY PH.D. - click here to read more

DR. SUE MORTER - click here to read more

DANIEL MITEL - click here to read more

DR. SCILLA ELWORTHY- click here to read more

HOWARD MARTIN - click here to read more

BENCE GANTI - click here to read more

THOMAS MOORE - click here to read more

ANODEA JUDITH PH.D. - click here to read more

DR. KURT JOHNSON - click here to read more

JUSTIN FAERMAN & JACKIE KNECHTEL - click here to read more

JEANNE WHITE EAGLE PEHRSON - click here to read more

WARREN BRUSH - click here to read more

HEIDI GUTEKUNST - click here to read more

DR. THOMAS  STEININGER & DR. ELIZABTH DEBOLD - click here to read more

ANNETTE KAISER - click here to read more

NICHOLAS JANNI - click here to read more

JOHN D. LIU - click here to read more

WAIMAANIA & OJASVIN DAVIS - click here to read more

JEFF CARREIRA  - click here to read more

ANNELOES SMITSMAN PH.D.C, LLM - click here to read more

Dr. JULIE KRULL - click here to read more

LION GOODMAN - click here to read more

LAURA KAESTELE - click here to read more

LITTLE GRANDMOTHER - click here to read more

RALF MARZEN - click here to read more

LOCH KELLY M.DIV. LCSW - click here to read more

MIRANDA MACPHERSON - click here to read more

TERRY PATTEN  - click here to read more

JOHN MONTGOMERY- click here to read more

Marisa Peer - click here to read more

Mark Nepo - click here to read more


AURORA PAGONIS - in the Panel - click here to read more

JANET GRACE NELSON - in the Panel - click here to read more

SHARON MOLONEY- in the Panel - click here to read more

KATHY SIPPLE - in the Panel - click here to read more

PLEASANCE HANSEN - in the Panel - click here to read more

CYNTHIA BLEDSOE in the Panel - click here to read more

puria kästele

organizer of the Conscious Evolution Summit

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you will get answers to these questions …

  • What supports me to embody and sustain my awakening?
  • How can I be in personal, social and global coherence?
  • How can trauma be a gateway for my awakening and evolving?
  • How to overcome the thought of "I am not enough".
  • How can I create healthy structures inside and outside?
  • How do I know if I am in alignment with the divine?
  • How can I bring my relationship to the level of mutual awakening?
  • How does leadership look like in the paradigm shift?

Bring your inner calling into action...

  • use the momentum of these interviews to align with your heart and essence
  • bring your relationships to the next level of mutual awakening
  • transform your business and contribute to a flourishing life
  • create healthy, sustainable systems in your life
  • get inspired to co-create heaven on earth
  • contribute to global heart coherence


"As I reflect on my year, I am clear your conscious evolution summit is one of the highlights this year. Your powerful journey and work clearly hit the mark of what we are all striving for - to consciously evolve. I salute you and thank you for your bravery to come forward in a capacity with which others have not quite been able. The world of tele summits is changing and you have presented a model that is compassionate, kind and inclusive. I felt and saw that."

Grace Valador // Canada

"I have watched many summits over the years and yours I would rank at the very top, among the two or three most meaningful, deep, and impactful. Your presence and love were as responsible for this as the depth and wisdom of your guests. Also, on a purely technical basis, the beauty of the production created a nurturing package for the delivery of the content. Thank you, thank you for all you give.
I do hope you will continue. It is so rare to have someone of your consciousness doing summits of this breadth."

Tomar Levine // USA

"Puria, you are present from the first second with all your heart and with warm friendliness! With that you put me under its spell and it's fun to get involved with you and to follow you. And you make me want to feel nature and to experience me in loving community. So you meet my desire completely and touch me to tears! Thank you for this inspiration and powerful memory."

T0bias // Germany

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about puria

Since my early childhood I have felt connected to my being which is the guiding light through challenging human experiences. Although sometimes in gloomy times, like severe illness, burnout, divorce, I had the impression of having lost the connection, I've learned to trust that the sun exists even when I'm walking through the night.

It was the powerful vision of my "future self" which motivated me to host this summit. I want to encourage you to leave the limitations of your conditioned self behind, to find your inherent source of wisdom and love and feel empowered to live a meaningful, authentic life. 

purias vision

There is this inner knowing, this certainty that not just myself but all of humanity is about to birth into something really, really new. A state of being and consciousness which wasn’t possible for all of us before. To consciously invite our next step in the evolution of humanity,  activate the NEW around the whole planet and to co-create a world we are dreaming of, is my vision for this summit. 

I am so excited to take you with us to the leading edge of conscious evolution.

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