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This is a guide book with short, simple yet powerful reminders and exercises to help you deepen your awareness and shift it into your essence.
It also connects you to your evolutionary impulse and your future potential.

52 invitations to realize
your essence and embody
your full potential

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EXamples OF readers testimonials

I love this little book. It is such a good reminder and reflects deep understandings and a core connection with the heart and unconditional love. Each chapter is inviting you to drop in deeper, and expand you consciousness, giving well written invitations, practices and reflections it is a great tool in your everyday life and spiritual practice.
Thank you for that jewel!

Livia Elana // Germany

It's like the perfect manual for awakening consciousness. Simple yet wise exercises and questions for your own practice, which lead to more and more awareness, peace and compassion. For me, it is very important to have simple questions that I can ask myself often to discover patterns in my thinking or behavior, it really helps to unravel them and then let them go. Thank you!

Kalypso Tana // Germany

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May "Awaken into Consciousness" 
guide your way into your full spiritual and human potential.

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