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DAY 3   -   Monday, October 12th 2020

Sue Cooper  Read Bio

Sue is a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor from The Chopra Centre for Well-being led by founder Dr Deepak Chopra and has over four decades of nursing experience in clinical care, management and health education.

For the last 12 years Sue has been exploring natural healing modalities from indigenous cultures around the world, their applications to modern day Self Care and the fusion with scientific research from Health Care.

Sue is Founder of MOMM, moments of mass mindfulness, a dynamic, volunteer-led initiative rooted in care and compassion, connection and collaboration and experienced through co-creating community gatherings, engaging citizen action to raise awareness of conscious health and vibrant well-being.


A Mindful Path: From Courage to Conscious Awareness

7pm CET (German Time), check your time: time zone converter

In these changing times, a mindful practice rooted in self-responsibility, self-care and self-awareness gently expands consciousness towards Self empowerment.  We will look at the 7 C’s through the lens of holistic well-being and experience a meditation to integrate the path to peace, harmony, love and unity.

Watch the recording of this live session

Sue shares her story how she founded MOMM, also two meditations and a short video about this global movement.
Enjoy this loving, empowering, uplifting space.

Integral City - The Master Code of Care

Marilyn Hamilton ph.d.  Read Bio

Marilyn is the Founder of Integral City Meshworks and the author of the Integral City Book Series. With the Master Code of Care, she is reinventing the city as an evolutionary, complex adaptive human system, she calls the “human hive”. Using Integral frameworks and biomimicry consciousness she is schooling a planet of Integral Cities as Gaia’s Reflective Organs.


  • What can we learn in organizing cities from the beehives
  • The master code and frequency of care
  • Explains Integral City work
  • What are the four voices we need to include in city dialogues
  • How can cities find the double sustainability loop

Reaching Higher Levels of Connection in Relationships

tom habib ph.d.  Read Bio

Tom is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in guiding couples through the predictable stages of an intimate relationship and what it takes to reach the higher levels of connection. He is also Chairperson of IEC’s International Consortium of Integral Scholars.


  • It's all about how to grow and evolve as a couple
  • Explains detailed with a presentation the different levels of love
  • How to create more intimacy
  • Moments of attunement
  • Talks about regression

Sound Healing - Music in Light Language 

Sabine van Baaren  Read Bio

Sabine is a gifted sound healing expert, singer and songwriter. Both her beautiful angelic voice and her healing songs raise consciousness and help connect and realign to once innate wisdom and power. She speaks straight to the heart, calming, instilling a deep soft confidence. Her teachings and sound healings are filled with inspiration, light and love, coming directly from source spirit. When she sings she transmits light languages to raise vibration, to heal, awaken and remember who we truly are.


  • Shares her story and how the singing changed over the years
  • Her music supports us to remember and reconnect with our heart and a deeper source of wisdom
  • How healing can take place in such spaces
  • Sharing a song in Light Language
  • It's all about relaxing into the space which opens when she sings


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