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DAY 5   -   Wednesday, October 14th 2020

Jeff Genung  Read Bio

Jeff is co-founder and President of Contemplative LifeTransformation365.org, and most recently Prosocial Spirituality, an initiative exploring the integration of evolutionary science and contemplative science. He also serves as a core team member of Prosocial World.


Prosocial Spirituality: Where Evolution Meets Transformation

5pm CET (Central European Time), check your time: time zone converter

We'll discuss the integration of evolutionary science and evolutionary spirituality in a program specifically designed to facilitate both inner and outer transformation and wellbeing on an individual and group level. We'll explore tangible solutions that are emerging to help humanity transition from self-interest to collective interests. We'll explore practices to help break up crystallizations associated with an old story and discuss how the integration of science and spirituality, the inner life and the outer world are combining towards the creation of a new human story, one that can guide us into a future of caring for each other and for our world.

Watch the Recording from the live session

Get to know a framework which Prosocial Spirituality provides for groups in order to explore and find out together what supports us not only horizontally but also vertically in our growth and evolution. This model will also be used for scientific research.

Volution Theory - Presentation & Practical Application

Peter Merry ph.d.  Read Bio

Peter Merry is co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Ubiquity University. He has a PhD in Volution Theory - a new philosophy that transcends yet includes linear evolutionary thought. He’s an activist, entrepreneur, philosopher, musician and father.


  • Presentation about Volution Theory
  • How to put Volution Theory into practice
  • The role of the Heart Intelligence
  • Why is tension important 
  • How to work with intention

Trauma Healing and the Level of the Soul

Niki gratrix  Read Bio

Niki is an award-winning functional health practitioner and medical empath, helping people to optimize emotional and physical health. In 2005 she co-founded one of the largest mind-body clinics in integrative medicine in the UK. The results with patients at the clinic were published as a preliminary study in 2012 in the British Medical Journal Open. In August 2015 Niki hosted the largest ever free online health summit at the time on overcoming fatigue with over 30,000 attendees. Since 2015 she has spoken on over 50 large online health summits reaching over 1 million people world-wide. In 2020 she cohosted the largest ever online event health summit on overcoming trauma and mind body medicine with over 90 world leading experts.


  • Trauma and emotional neglect
  • What is Vitamin "L" deficiency
  • The importance of feeling and full embodiment
  • Trauma at the identity and relationship level
  • Processing and healing attachement and inter-generational trauma
  • Resolving trauma in the microcosm of the family
  • The importance of the soul level in healing trauma

The Formular for Planetary Awakening

Juan carlos kaiten  Read Bio

Juan Carlos is a social architect specializing in evolutionary leadership, global collective intelligence, social networks and organizational transformation.

He is also Co-Founder of the School of Social Alchemy and partner in “Together”, a social synergy platform being designed to foster global societal wellbeing.


  • Three steps for Conscious Evolution
  • Time of Convergence
  • Synchronicity happens because of resonance
  • Networking the networks
  • Super Humans
  • How can we evolve to a level of Planetary Awakening


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