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DAY 6   -   Thursday, October 15th 2020

Dr. Marietta Schürholz  Read Bio

Dr. Marietta J. Schürholz


Idea for film and

Research space

Implementation of the production

Carrying out the interviews

Transcriptions and translations

Doctorate in art history, literature and cultural studies. Professional engagement for an extended concept of art. Exhibition organizer, freelance journalist. Works as a consultant, auditor, quality coordinator in an organisational context, board member of the non-profit association "Werkstatt für Verantwortung und Führung" e.V.. Possibility Management Trainer and Personal Coach. Her work is based on the experience of numerous transconfessional research projects and initiatory processes in South America, India, Nepal and East Asia.




"Ritual - a Film, a Research Space" 

10am CET (German Time), check your time: time zone converter

This short film can offer inspiration to those who ask questions about the power and possibilities, the limits and risks of rituals. And it can give impulses to people who have a knowledge that ritual is a tool, which wants to be rediscovered and newly created, in personal and professional contexts. At the same time the film is simply a firework of aphoristic content, unfolding its own pragmatic poetry.
Ritual Film website

 "Ritual-Film" free streaming for 24 hours has finished, you can find the film on this website: https://en.ritual-film.com/

In this personal sharing Dr. Marietta Schürholz introduces her film

Jonathan Robinson  Read Bio

Jonathan is a psychotherapist, bestselling author of 14 books, and the co-host of the podcast "Awareness Explorers." His focus is providing people with practical methods for glimpsing awakened consciousness that take under two minutes to do.


The Future of Spiritual Awakening

7pm CET (German Time), check your timetime zone converter

Spirituality, like all things, is rapidly evolving. In interviews with spiritual leaders ranging from the Dalai Lama and Ram Dass to Adyashanti and Byron Katie, Jonathan has seen how awakening methods have changed in the last 30 years. In this session, he will talk about those trends, including how future technologies will impact spiritual awakening.

Watch the recording of the live session

Transforming Existing Systems with Integral Investment 

Dr. Mariana Bozeson  Read Bio

Mariana is the leading force in Integral Investing implementing the UN SDG within planetary boundaries and a successful serial entrepreneur. She has been elected European Female Investor of 2019 (BAND & BEA), Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 (EBAN), member of the intl. Club of Rome, and fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. She has earned an outstanding investment track record by de-risking early stage investments using the Theta Model, a de-risking method she invented based on integral theory by Ken Wilber. Together with the co-presidents of the Club of Rome and +100 fellow investors, she launched the Investment Turnaround with the intention to demonstrate that financial returns are inseparably linked to positive ecological, social, cultural and ethical effects as well as individual self-actualization and joy. Educated at Stanford University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, she holds a MS in AI and a Ph.D. in psychology.


  • We are all divinely guided, jet we all need to do the inner work
  • Shares her personal development story
  • Presentation explains Integral Investment
  • How to bring intention into action
  • We only can evolve together
  • Smart ways to change - 5 concreate actions

Integral Meditation Technique

Eugene Pustoshkin  Read Bio

Eugene Pustoshkin is a clinical psychologist and Integral therapist in private practice, Holoscendence and Integral Meditation teacher, one of the pioneers of Integral Metatheory and Practice in Russia. Eugene has translated several Ken Wilber books to Russian. He is the Chief Editor at Eros & Kosmos, the leading Russian Integral & transpersonal online magazine/journal, and the Bureau Chief / Associate Editor for Russia at Integral Leadership Review.


  • Explanation of Integral Meditation
  • Meditation - an attitude towards life 
  • Being able to expand awareness
  • Holding several perspectives
  • Preparing the ground for clarity and wisdom to arise
  • Guided Integral Meditation


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