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DAY 9   -   Sunday, October 18th 2020

How to be Positive Change Agents  

Elisabet Sahtouris Ph.D. Read Bio

Elisabet is an internationally reknowned evolutionary biologist, cosmologist and futurist, professor, author and speaker teaching the history of EarthLife including us humans, the nature of Living Economies we must emulate and How to Navigate our Perfect Storm of Crises.


  • Explains the cycle of evolution
  • A metaphor that incorporates different perspectives to perceive the universe
  • A soul level perspective on the pandemic
  • Awakening our heart energy and caring for each other
  • Having fun, while tapping into our creativity and contributing to a better world 
  • Reclaiming communion as the direct transmission of information
  • How to be positive change agents during this time of rapid change

Networks Emerging - Part of the Next Evolutionary Phase

Laura kaestele  Read Bio

Laura is a designer, facilitator, project collaborator, possibility manager and action learner with a deep care for the living earth and passion for evolutionary development working for ecological and social regeneration.
She has a Bachelor in integrative eco-social design and is enrolled in a Master program at
Gaia University where she is also mentor for students. Furthermore, Laura is a board member of the Global Eco Village Network and active practitioner of Permaculture, a member of the Circlewise Network and the Social System Mapping Community of Practice.


  • Evolution is about onging, emerging, deeper change in living systems
  • Laura shares a presentation with following topics
  • Organisations versus Networks
  • Explains different kinds of Networks
  • Structure of Networks
  • Network Design Elements
  • Mapping Networks, giving an example
  • Activating the potential of Networks
  • Networks ask for a shift in Mindset - how to facilitate that

Good Market - Network of New Economy

amanda kiessel Ph.d.  Read Bio

Amanda is co-founder of Good Market, a curated community of social enterprises, responsible businesses, voluntary organizations, and changemakers working to create a 21st century economy that’s “good for people and good for the planet.” The online platform includes over 1,400 enterprises from 47 countries. Amanda is originally from the United States, but has been based in Asia since 1999. She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, a Masters in Sustainable International Development, and a degree in Biology with a specialty in ecotoxicology. Before Good Market, she spent nearly 15 years working with local organizations on agroecology and sustainable food systems, organizational change, and social enterprise development. Amanda is an Ashoka Fellow.


  • Shares her path, what lead her to do the work she is doing now for Good Market
  • Aligning and combining inner and outer world
  • The importance of our choices
  • Shares about the main areas where she sees major shifts happening
  • Filling the gaps of our values and how we manage to bring them into action
  • Financial system change 
  • Originally economy was meant to benefit society


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