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Speakers on Saturday OCTober 10th 2020

PAtricia Albere

 Gary Zukav

Karen Cheong

Speakers on Sunday October 11th 2020

Dr. Jude Currivan 

 A.H. Almaas PH.d.

evolutionary leaders panel

Speakers on monday october 12th 2020

marilyn Hamilton ph.d., cpa-cga(RET)

tom habib ph.d. 

sabine van baaren

Speakers on tuesday october 13th 2020

Prosocial spirituality panel


Jonathan robinson

Speakers on wednesday october 14th 2020

Juan Carlos Kaiten

niki gratrix

peter merry ph.d.

Speakers on Thursday october 15th 2020

Eugene pustoshkin

mariana bozesan ph.d. 

Speakers on friday october 16th 2020

Co-creating europe panel

Ben Bowler 

Speakers on saturday october 17th 2020

carolyn anderson & katharine roske

carl johan calleman ph.d.

laor oman-naharin

Speakers on sunday october 18th 2020

elisabet sahtouris ph.d.

amanda kiessel ph.d.

laura kaestele

Speakers on monday october 19th 2020

dr. julie krull

robert atkinson ph.d. 

Speakers on Tuesday october 20th 2020

jeanne white eagle pehrson

jon & sand symes

wowza elisa lodge


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