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Barbara Marx Hubbard, John de Ruiter, Terry Patten, Craig Hamilton, Mark Nepo, Miranda Macpherson, Bence Ganti, Daniel Mitel, Marisa Peer, Annette Kaiser, Loch Kelly, John Montgomery, Justin Faerman & Jackie Knechtel,  Howard Martin (HeartMath Institute), Lion Goodman, Sabine Lichtenfels, Beth Scanzani, Prof. Thilo Hinterberger, Mary Alice Arthur, Little Grandmother, Gaby Haiber, Laura Kästele, Mal Weeraratne, Marlies Myoku Cocheret, Jennifer E. Morgan, Soham (Samarpan), John D. Liu, Gerd Hofielen, Daniel Greenberg, Monique Gauthier.

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John D. Liu (click here)

Mary Alice Arthur (click here)

John Montgomery (click here)

Sabine Lichtenfels (click here)

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Gaby Haiber (click here)

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bonus Material from Speakers of the
Conscious evolution summit - value 350 €

  • A dream becomes true -pdf from Annette Kaiser
  • Where are we going - pdf from Annette Kaiser
  • Story Activist Practices - pdf from Mary Alice Arthur
  • Descending into Presence - guided meditation MP3 from Marlies Myoku Cocheret
  • May all beings dwell in the heart - Mantra - MP3 from Miranda Macpherson
  • Clear your beliefs - e-book from Lion Goodman
  • Book excerpt from John de Ruiters "Intelligence of Love"


I love this online summit as it supports us - humanity, in our process of developing and deepening unconditional love, evolutionary ascension and the rising of our frequency which is the base in shifting our consciousness and creating a more harmonic and supportive way of being & living. Listening to all the experts again and again, sharing their story and knowledge is a beautiful way in finding a balanced and diverse opinion about this topic and how we can actively evolve with it and in it.

Livia Elana // Germany

I am really enjoying the summit presentations. I feel that there is a strong transmission coming from each and every speaker and conversation. It seems like the format of the interviews and your style of interviewing allows the presenters to be open and relaxed and very engaged.
I am 'consciously evolving' by participating in the summit and i know I will re-listen to many of the conversations. Thanks to you Puria. This summit is a real gift to us all. Warm regards and much respect.

Ellen Turgasen // USA

A thought provoking interview! Thilo and Puria interact so naturally and inspire one another through this complex and important topic.
My take away of this interview is multidimensional like the whole conversation is.
I like Prof. Dr. Thilo Hinterberger’s interpretation of mindfulness and the importance of it in a constantly changing world.
Do you know what transempathic - a term Thilo created - is? Maybe you want to find out during this profound conversation because our world needs this quality more than ever in order to contribute to the conscious evolution and to transform our lives.

Ingeborg Russ // Germany

I found Mary Alice mature, full, rich in her words, leaving me wanting more. There was such a harmonious dance between Puria and Mary Alice that it was effortless to listen to.
The interview with Miranda is alive, fun and exciting. In this video I loved the grounded precision of Purias questions. Inviting the presentation to give us all inspiration and learning that we could use right away in our daily life. I had the privilege of watching some of the summit videos and although this is my field and interest area I found I am again inspired with new energy and ideas. I am ready to experiment, are you?

Jesse Green  // Australia


miranda Macpherson

"In the challenging and often chaotic times across the globe, many more of us are needed to deepen and stabilize our realization, that we may embody our essential qualities of love, joy and pure awareness in daily life. The Conscious Evolution offers a banquet of riches to support you to be as you truly are."

lion goodman

"If you’re on the path of awareness and consciousness expansion, this Summit is for you.  Many of my favorite luminaries, including Barbara Marx Hubbard, Miranda Macpherson, and Terry Patten have joined me and dozens of others to bring wisdom, love and truth right into your living room. Puria has created an amazing library of information about Conscious Evolution.  Don’t miss it"! 

annette Kaiser

"The Conscious Evolution Summit is a precious possibility to tune into, what so many of us are witnessing: a world in transition. What are next steps - locally/globally, as an individual and as humanity as such, in deep sense of understanding how evolution unfolds through consciousness as love in action."


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