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Speakers on Friday september 20th 2019

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee for her work with Oxford Research Group, founder of Peace Direct, co-founder Rising Women Rising World. Scilla was awarded the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003. Her latest book The Business Plan for Peace: Building a World Without War (2017) received critical acclaim from experts in the field.

 Dr. Elizabeth Debold &
Dr. Thomas Steininger

The Emergent We Space Work: How do we transcend and include individual transformation to create a change in culture? For nearly twenty-five years, Thomas  and Elizabeth have been tracking the emergence of new potentials between us: a co-conscious, co-intelligent, and co-creative We. 

Dr. Julie Krull

Julie is recognized as a steward of the new earth, midwifing the evolution of consciousness and the ethos of wholeness, as an author, speaker, mentor and healer. With her authentic voice and visionary gifts, she is a trusted guide for evolutionary leaders and spiritual seekers everywhere.

Speakers on Saturday september 21st 2019

annette Kaiser

Annette is an Author, a spiritual teacher and a visionary of a Universal Spirituality.
She sees the 21st century as a call for co-creating a new culture in collectiv wisdom and love of One Heart.

 lynne Mctaggart

Lynne  is one of the central voices in the new consciousness movement. She is the award-winning author of seven books including worldwide bestsellers, “The Field,” “The Intention Experiment,” “The Bond” and her latest, “The Power of Eight,” She also serves as Editorial Director of What Doctors Don’t Tell You.

barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time and left her body in April 2019. She wrote 9 books, was a visionary social innovator and educator, and was also the co-founder and co-chair of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution and president of Evolutionary Academy.

Speakers on Sunday september 22nd 2019

dr. kurt johnson

Professional Evolutionary Biologist and Comparative Religionist,  Co-author of The Coming Interspiritual Age and two award winning books in popular science, Nabokov's Blues and Fine Lines.  A host at UNITY EARTH media.

patricia albere 

Patricia is the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and bestselling author of Evolutionary Relationships: Unleashing the Transformative Power of Mutual Awakening. Her unique discovery of the essential components that create an awakened ‘we space’ is transforming our understanding of what is possible in the space between us.

anodea judith ph.d.

Anodea has been called a prophet for our time. She is the author off nearly a dozen works on various aspects of the chakra system, combining yoga, psychology, systems theory, history, mythology and mysticism.

Speakers on Monday september 23rd 2019

Heidi gutekunst

Heidi is a co-founder of Amara Collaboration, a social enterprise with a purpose to double the worldwide number of transforming leaders in order to shift to a more conscious world with successful and aware organisations, effective leadership and engaged people.

stephen dynako

Stephen Dynako is a speaker and educator who believes that we have reached the point in human evolution where "now is the time to get radical about making love our priority" in all our endeavors. In 2019, Stephen partnered with author and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard to co-create Barbara’s legacy program, the Evolutionary Ambassador Academy, an immersion experience to actualize one’s creative potential in the world and accelerate one’s personal evolutionary power.He is also the author of the book The Self Aware Lover.

Speakers on Tuesday september 24th 2019

John D. Liu

John is film-maker and ecologist. John is Ecosystem Ambassador for the Commonland Foundation based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

shelley darling 

Shelley is an international Speaker, professional Dowsing teacher and is the founder of Earth Medicine Alchemy ~ Golden Light Dowsing. She speaks to dowsing as an evolutionary tool which synergizes modalities of Ancient Wisdom, Evolutionary Dowsing, Feng Shui and Resonance Mentoring.

Chief phil lane Jr.

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an enrolled member of the Yankton Dakota and Chickasaw First Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human and community development. During the past 45 years, he has worked with Indigenous peoples in North, Central and South America, Micronesia, South East Asia, India, Hawaii and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Speakers on Wednesday september 25th 2019

aurora pagonis

As an Evolutionary Ambassador and the founder of She Speaks Aurora is here to ignite and inspire emerging conscious leaders and influencers to create change for the freedom and betterment of all. Specifically evoking feminine intelligent leadership to create a new way of living, loving and leading where radical love and inspirational action are in the centre. 

ralf marzen 

Ralf is founder of Embodied Trauma Healing, teaches and lectures about trauma healing as an integral component of personal and collective evolution for conscious awakening.

Speakers on Thursday september 26th 2019

Bob Jayco

Editor in Chief of Co-Creation Magazine. Founder of Co-Creation Global. An emerging enterprise dedicated to changing global consciousness. A  Channel for 60 years for Source Consciousness... called Signals Of Love (SOL).. transmitting Wisdom and Understanding about Co-Creation and Unity Consciousness.  Over 45  years experience in the field of Energy Medicine, Teaching and Coaching in Business, Medical and Generic Intuition and Creativity.

agathi chris 

Agathi is an international speaker, workshop facilitator, trainer and coach. Her workshops and talks are focused on the importance of the heart, as she believes that this is the door that leads to true wisdom and oneness.

Speakers on friday september 27th 2019

laura kästele

 Laura is a designer, facilitator, project collaborator, possibility manager and action learner with a deep care for the living earth and passion for evolutionary development working for ecological and social regeneration.

Bence Ganti 

Bence is an integral psychologist and founder of the Integral European Conference.

Speakers on Saturday september 28th 2019

anneloes smitsman

Anneloes (Ph.D.c, LLM), is Founder, CEO, and Vision Keeper for EARTHwise Centre. She is a global catalyst for developing our Future Creative capabilities and leadership for a Thrivable World. 

John de Ruiter 

John is a spiritual pioneer and author, teaching that life’s meaning can be known and lived through “core-splitting honesty.” Meetings with John are an opportunity to come to rest while actively realizing deeper subtleties of being human, knowing what we really are and allowing that reality to change our lives.

steve farrell

Before Steve co-founded Humanity’s Team with bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch, He co-founded and led two high-growth technology companies based in Silicon Valley in the 1990s that spanned across both the United States and Europe.
He walked away from being an officer in  the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization and the Young President’s Organization and followed a calling to creating a movement that could help people across the globe connect more deeply with the Oneness of all of Life and the Divine energy of the Universe.

Speakers on sunday september 29th 2019

Craig Hamilton

 Craig is a Pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality and a leading voice in the movement for conscious evolution.

Dr. Sue Morter 

As an International speaker and doctor with 30 years of experience, Dr. Sue’s visionary models and techniques have ignited an entirely new approach to accessing creative genius and living from personal freedom. In bringing together the ancient wisdom traditions with cutting-edge quantum science, Dr. Sue uses “The Energy Codes®” to guide her students to unprecedented levels of creativity, health, and healing by building neuro-circuitry to raise their cellular vibrational frequency.

rollin McCraty

Rollin is scientist, speaker and author. He is psychophysiologist, executive vice president and director of research at HeartMath Institute, member of the Global Coherence Steering committee and project coordinator of GCI’s Global Coherence Monitoring System.

Speakers monday september 30th 2019

nicholas janni

Nicholas has been working for over 40 years to help individuals and teams reach the highest levels of presence, coherence and service. He works with CEO’s and senior leaders worldwide and teaches at the IMD in Lausanne, one of the world’s leading business schools.

Nicholas leads intergenerational and collective trauma healing groups in UK, US and the Middle East.

Dieter langenecker 

Dieter is purpose counselor and life mentor. He has more than 35 years experience and bases his work upon others, on Viktor Frankl's Mans's Search for Meaning". Dieter works with private individuals, entrepreneurs, founders and senior executives. is mission is to empower people to find their real purpose in life and to live a life they love.

Speakers tuesday october 1st 2019

warren brush

Warren is a global permaculture designer, consultant and teacher. He has been working for over 25 years designing sustainable systems for communities, private and public institutions and organizations, households, small farms and nature reserves around the world. 

Waimaania & ojasvin davis 

Waimaania & Ojasvin are ambassodors of the Maori Culture and Cosmic Tradition, traveling the world with their Grandmothers Healing Haka® Integral Learning Practice, bringing a message of peace and unity. They are members of the Wisdom Circle of the Union of Ancestral Traditions, founders of Grandmothers Healing Haka Charitable Trust, certified teachers of ‘Sarvajñana Vijñana Yoga’, creators of the formation ‘Haka Rongo Aio’ – Dance your life into peaceful harmony and the ‘Celebration de la Terre Unie’.

Sister Jayanti

European Director of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. For over 50 years, Sister Jayanti has been an emissary for peace. She has a vision and experience that is truly global and deeply spiritual.

Speakers wednesday october 2nd 2019

thomas moore

 With a background as a monk, musician, teacher, psychotherapist and writer, Thomas Moore has written over 25 books on soul and spirit. He is mainly interested in deepening vision and morality worldwide and in establishing a global human community through soul-centered living.

jeff carreira 

Jeff is a contemporary mystic, spiritual guide, and philosopher who teaches meditation and transformative philosophy throughout the world. He offers retreats and courses leading individuals in a form of meditation called The Practice of No Problem.

Speakers thursday october 3rd 2019

jeanne white eagle Pehrson

Jeanne is a visionary, educator, author and speaker. She is Co-Founder and President of the Interstellar Community Foundation (IFC). She is member of the Evolutionary Leaders organization founded by futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, whose intent is to expand and raise the level of human consciousness on our planet. 

Evolutionary Ambassadors

The Evolutionary Ambassadors are one global collective of leaders and learners of conscious evolution. From all corners of the planet, each worked intimately alongside global visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, bringing their unique genius from widely diverse vocational sectors. Today, the Ambassadors put love into specific action offerings to collectively uphold Barbara’s legacy and are committed to continuous expansion of this wisdom. 


Puria organized the Conscious Evolution Summit the second time. She is passionate about supporting people in realizing their being, shifting awareness into the heart and essence and connecting to the evolutionary impulse.
Her vision for the summit is to activate the "new consciousness" all over the globe and support the rise of a new human species.


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