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evolutionary metamorphosis
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"I believe that a coherent group of dedicated people, living from their heart and essence, surrendering to the mystery of what comes from before this existence, can uplift the entire planet.
Do you feel the same? You are the one we are looking for." -

Are you a pioneering soul?
Then come and join us in an initiatory, life altering and self transforming journey into an emerging new reality.


THE POWER OF OUR Group Resonance Field
Our group resonance field will be like an alchemical laboratory, which is in sync with the evolutionary impulse and guiding us into a new paradigm that is at once invisible, mostly unknown and perceivable by some. It emerges out of the social chrysalis.

We will also move into spaces of shared unity, where you can experience relaxation, a sense of "all is well" and profound nurture. By that we will not only uplift the frequency in our group but also in the collective field. We can now begin to access unity which moves us beyond our separateness, beyond polarity creating an entirely new operating system for life.

Become a Whole New Being
Are you a pioneering soul, or want to become one? Do you feel a longing inside to make a shift in consciousness yourself? You will be supported to give birth to an entire new Whole Being, which is both vulnerably human and infinitely celestial.

Or do you want to multiply your impact as an embodied, awake, multidimensional being by co-creating a radiant group field, which co-determines the trajectory of human evolution? Then come and join us!

As humanity, we are in a transition phase, we even could say, the whole planet is in just such a phase. What is required is a willingness to let go of familiar structures which are not in alignment with unity consciousness. For some, this can be scary, for others this is why they came here into this life. However, this is part of the birth process. 
Most likely we have to move through unknown territory, which can feel like entering into a void, or an in between state. It is much easier to move beyond the known with a group of like-minded and heart centered fellows.

Together we will form an intimately interconnected being-body which will activate Evolutionary Codes in each one of us.

 Additionally, an intelligence will be evoked by this larger, intentional resonance field which will support the entire group.
This intelligence often is experienced as a sense of a larger, collective presence that is more than any one person and also is expressed through each person.

Expand your sense of self
This process will challenge your status quo. It will shake your personal ground, expand your sense of self, and align you with your purpose and your deepest heart's desire.
Can you imagine what would be possible for humanity if you were to be guided by your heart instead of your fears? If you were to be called forth by your future self into its visible full expression. What if we could tap together into a shared circuitry of collective higher mind and build structures infused by love and wisdom?

This journey is primarily influenced by Barbara Marx Hubbard's work, including her book "The 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution". It is also impacted by the knowledge of the "Sacred Space of the Heart" from the Kogi Tribe in Columbia, who shared their wisdom with Drunvalo Melchizedek and techniques from an ancient Wisdom Tradition from the Mayan Culture. 
We will also apply exercises from the Mutual Awakening Practice developed by Patricia Albere, shared in her wonderful book "Evolutionary Relationships" and inspirations from the "Co-Creators Handbook 2.0" written by Carolyn Anderson and Kathrine Roske.  

structure of our gatherings
We will meet once a week online on Zoom for 90 minutes. An attunement will guide us into a coherent field. In some weeks we will tune into one of the 52 Codes, sometimes together with a guest speaker and share what is emerging in us, while the wisdom of this code is awakening in us.
Sporadically we will break into small groups for different practices. Additionally you can join a free weekly "Life Purpose Group" in order to be empowered in your emerging potential to practice listening with your heart whilst expressing honestly and authentically.

This program isn't focused on your person and your personality, it is meant to awaken your future Whole Being.

This is an explorative adventure on the edge of evolution, it is meant to birth a new human species.

Each week will be an evolutionary exploration in its own right and will be influenced by each participant's authentic involvement and the availability to move as an interconnected coherent group organism.

what people say:

I am continually amazed at Purias' ability.

"I have the privilege to study the book "52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution" from Barbara Marx Hubbard with Puria within a small group of friends and am continually amazed at her ability to explain this wonderful material in an easy, accessible manner. Puria always brings new insights to look at; and understand the codes. I always resonate with Puria’s interpretation of the codes as I relate to her experience of the codes and the language she uses to describe it. Puria delivers this material using her vast knowledge and with her gentle manner she strikes the right balance to make you want to hear and learn more."

RONEL C.  //  London - UK

Puria is an amazing guide into the new.

"What I enjoy most when being together with Puria on Zoom, is her ability to make the deeper essence visible to my brain and heart. When I explore meaning in my own reality, sometimes a little bewildered, Puria can always unveil openings into a deeper truth, a higher resonance, which I have been unable to see. And when I see it, I recognize it. She is a lovely and amazing guide to join on an exploration." 

ole k. //  Stockholm - Sweden

An offer to a priceless transforming experience.

"Every live talk can have a special quality, especially when it is a real dialogue, from heart to heart. That is one of the unique ingredients that Puria brings to the fore, and those who are interviewed are often visibly fired up by her way of conversation. Out of the moment, ready to go into unchartered territory. Each discourse is unique and fresh, and offers a priceless transforming experience. I highly recommend her programs which constantly evolve.

FREED S.  //  Amsterdam - Netherlands

Puria became a true and cherished friend.

"Puria offers wonderful meditations, and often brings new ideas to improve the format and she also knows how to bring more depth to discussions.

She has organized and offered interviews with so many leaders and will surely be considered one who is responsible for the progress of humanity toward Conscious Evolution."

Chrisjean T.  //  Florida - USA

Puria - space holder and energetic midwife 

Puria's entire life is about exploring what it means to be human and a multidimensional being at the same time. 
Since her childhood the unknown and unseen became a familiar territory to dwell in. Her four year long study with an indigenous shamanic tribe contributed to that.

As a modern mystic she is deeply rooted in her love for the sacred and receives guidance and momentum from her source connection.

Her deepest heart's desire is to facilitate human evolution through a planetary awakening by the co-creation of a new paradigm of love and interconnectedness. This has led to her hosting  the Conscious Evolution Summit three times and interviewing more than one hundred experts.

Puria has a natural talent to work with energy and frequency and to translate complex principles into our daily life experiences.
She sees herself as a bridge between Cosmos and Earth.

"I came into this body at this time to contribute to a planetary awakening. 

I could see in myself and many times also in others, how magic happens when one goes deep into the inner wisdom,
through the purity of the heart,
the willingness not to know and by
being available for the mystery that arises before our very existence.

We all carry the secret of an ever evolving universe within us." - Puria


This section will be updated as more guest speakers are commited to join us.

Carolyn Anderson

Carolyn’s passion is living and sharing the principles of Co-Creation and exploring the frontiers of evolutionary spirituality. She has coordinated activities for numerous global events, assisted with the creation of social cooperation trainings, and facilitated a number of international conferences.
She has seeded hundreds of supportive Core Groups internationally to connect people at the heart and activate their creativity. Through this process, she has empowered individuals all over the world to discover and fulfill their life purpose.

She is the co-author of The Co-Creator’s Handbook 2.0, The Change 4: Insights into Self Empowerment, and Keeping the Promise, A Guide to Your Full Potential Self. She Co-Created and edited the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution and the booklet, Birthing a Universal Humanity with Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Annette Kaiser

In 2000, she developed the integral, evolutionary path DO, which is dedicated to the transformation of the heart in the context of universal spirituality as a way of g local living. She is since 30 years a student of Sri Aurobindo and met therefor Barbara Marx Hubbard with enthusiasm, sharing the deep vision of  a New Earth. Annette Kaiser initiated 2017 as well co-creating-Europe.

Diane Williams

Diane Marie Williams is the Founder and President of The Source of Synergy Foundation. She was the initiator with Deepak Chopra of one of its main projects, the Evolutionary Leaders Circle. She served as Founding Chairperson of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns at the United Nations in New York. She was a recipient of the Spirit of the United Nations, the Golden Rule and the PEMAC Peace Awards.In 2000 she developed the integral, evolutionary path DO, which is dedicated to the transformation of the heart in the context of universal spirituality as a way of glocal living. She is since 30 years a student of Sri Aurobindo and met therefor Barbara Marx Hubbard with enthusiasm, sharing the deep vision of  a New Earth. Annette Kaiser initiated 2017 as well co-creating-Europe.

Rev. Deborah Moldow

Deborah, an ordained interfaith minister, is the founder of the  Garden of Light, Director of the  Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a project of the  Source of Synergy Foundation, and Vision Keeper at  Unity.Earth. She represented  May Peace Prevail on Earth International at the United Nations for more than 20 years. 

What this group process is about

It's about

  • Living from the heart and deeper
  • Awakening the Evolutionary Codes in you
  • Being friends with the unknown and the beyond
  • Being guided by the Evolutionary Impulse
  • Trusting in your inner guidance
  • Being able to access the frequency of your future self
  • Cultivating collective intelligence
  • Moving into unity consciousness


Birth Your Future Self & Upgrade Humanity
with Puria

Codes for Conscious Self Evolution
with Carolyn Anderson and Puria

Get to know Puria and her Vison, interviewed by Joy Taylor


Free audio download: here


We attach great importance to independent resource management and suggest a contribution which suites your financial situation.
 Therefore we offer the three following price categories.

We very much appreciate your honesty in choosing your level of financial investment.
The more participants choose a higher contribution, the more scholarships will be available.

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High income 
(above €60.000/year)
1 PAYMENT: € 10.200
4 PAYMENTS: € 2.720
13 PAYMENTS: € 880

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medium income

1 PAYMENT: € 5.100
4 PAYMENTS: € 1360
13 PAYMENTS: € 440

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low income
(below €25.000/year)
1 payment: € 2550
4 payments: € 680
13 payments: € 220

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If you are not completely satisfied after the first two zoom calls, you will get back your investment.

Dates and Time for the weekly live Zoom calls
Once a week at 7:30pm CET (German Time), 10:30am PST, 1:30pm EST
Check your time 
The group is already forming.
The program will start when 14 - 20 dedicated people found together.

Ask for the application form: info@transform-your-life.net

Frequently asked Questions

How much time do I need to invest?

We will meet in the big group once a week for 90 minutes. It is also recommended to meet additionally once a week in a smaller group of 5 to 8 people.
It is recommended to connect daily to our weekly topic and to write your insights and experiences into a journal. 

Will there be recordings and downlaods?

Although it is highly recommended to participate live on the online meetings, there will be recordings (vido & audio) available from each meeting which you also can download.

What is the refund policy?

You can get your money back after the first two calls, if you are not satisfied.

What preconditions do I have to meet?

Psychologically, mentally, emotionally healthy. 
Self responsibility and an orientation towards deeper truth.
Willingness to shift from ego to essence and deeper.
Not being consumed by existential issues.
A strong commitment to actively participate each week in the meetings and not only watching the recordings.

What kind of support will I receive?

In each weekly meeting there will be a Q & A section.

There will also be a Telegram group where you can meet, work and explore together. (Telegram is an app similar to WhatsApp. There is a version for your mobile phone and/or you can have it on your desktop)
Puria is also available for individual sessions, this is not included in the course tuition.

What equipment do I need?

You need to be registered on zoom, which is free. You also need to have a device with which you can participate in a zoom call. It needs to have a camera and a microphone. In some cases it is better to use a headset.

Is financial support available?

This is dependent on the number of participants and their level of financial contribution.

If you want to ask for a scholarship, please e-mail us answering the following questions.

1. Why do you want to apply for a scholarship? (1-2 sentences)

2. State any special circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance.  (1-2 sentences)

3. Please explain any additional factors you feel we should be aware of in order to help us make a decision regarding your request. (i.e., any temporary financial difficulties, family expenses, major illnesses, etc.) (1-2 sentences)

4. What is your annual income?

5. How much would you be able to contribute?

6. Can you see any other possibility to give an exchange other than money?


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