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We are so excited to finally introduce our 13-month program!  

A FREE 3-part video series as an introduction will start March, 27th 2021.
The program itself will start April 21st 2021.

We invite you to participate in our success,
This is worth  €250 / US$300 to you, for each recommendation.

Do not hesitate to write to us if you need help.
Thank you for your participation! Puria

Registration at our affiliate program

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The following link leads to the FREE 3-part video series to introduce the 13-month program Evolutionary Metamorphosis
Promotion now till Aprill 11th 2021

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The following link leads to the program/sales page for Evolutionary Metamorphosis
Promotion March 27th till April 20th 2021

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Promotional Material

Suggested text for FREE 3-part video series E-MAIL (Series starts March 27th)

Suggested text for FREE 3-part video series FACEBOOK (Series starts March 27th)

Suggested text for video #1 E-MAIL (Video starts March 27th)

Suggested text for video #1 FACEBOOK (Video starts March 27th)

Suggested text for  video #2 E-Mail (Video starts April 3rd)

Suggested text for  video #2 FACEBOOK (Video starts April 3rd)

Suggested text for  video #3 E-MAIL (Video starts April 10th)

Suggested text for  video #3 FACEBOOK (Video starts April 10th)

Suggested text for program E-Mail (Program starts April 21st)

Suggested text for program FACEBOOK (Program starts April 21st)

Share your affiliate links on Facebook

You can also use Facebook to advertise with your partner link. However, you should remove the automatic thumbnail, which arises when you enter  your affiliate link on Facebook. Otherwise, this preview image links directly to the program page. If someone clicks on the preview image, it will not be recognized that the contact comes from you!

You can also shorten your advertising link with a URL shortener like bitly (shortening takes only 5 seconds).


1. Post your (possibly abbreviated) partner link with a short introductory text (see examples above) on Facebook

2. Delete the preview image

3. Paste the FB graphic (Image Templates Download, just above) as an individual image

When should I share my partner link?

  • It is best to inform your contacts one month and than every week  before the program starts and directly at the start of the program and even when the program hast started, so that as many of your contacts as possible can participate.

The technology behind it

  • If one of your contacts clicks on the link and buys the program, this is automatically recognized by the billing system.
  • And applies your share of €250 / US$300 to your account.

After clicking on your partner link, a recognition cookie is automatically saved in the contact's browser. When the contact then buys the program, the billing system uses this cookie to recognize that the customer was being promoted by you.

  • It may be advisable to promote the program several times, because the fair "last-cookie" principle applies. That is that: the last set cookie determines who receives the commission.

That's how easily it works

  1. Use your link to inform your contacts about the Evolutionary Metamorphosis program, for example by e-mail, Facebook, banner on the homepage etc.
  2. That's it
  3. If one of your contacts now registers, you will automatically receive your commission of €250 / US$300

So, that means: passive income without much effort!


Do you have questions about our affiliate program? Need help setting up your Digistore24 account? Or creating the partner links? Then write us an e-mail: