collection of meditations and attunements
from the interviews & live sessions
OF conscious evolution summit 2020

ENjoy these MP3 downloads

Julie Krull
Sue Cooper
Sand Symes
Karen Cheong
Katharine Roske
Eugene Pustoshkin
Jonathan Robinson
Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson

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These meditations and attunements help you:

  • to enter the I AM
  • to access your wellbeing
  • to practice Integral Meditation
  • to connect from heart to heart
  • to access the New Consciousness
  • to vale your unique role and play it
  • to realize what your hearts desire is
  • to rest and vibrate in pure aware beingness
  • to be present in your wholeness and holiness
  • to breathe love and be attuned to the love frquency
  • to attune with your evolutionary impulse and your future being
  • to impact the unified field with qualities you want to grow in this world


I found these gentle, yet powerful exercises and meditations extremely helpful. They bring me quickly and easily back into my heart & soul space. With them I can also reconnect and remember the presence and quality of the field I experienced during the Conscious Evolution Summit.



I found these soulful meditations to be a source of gentle, nurturing guidance. All are helpful in different ways for more deeply connecting to my own inner guidance, grace, love, and my unique place in the realm of conscious evolution. 

Cynthia // United States


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May this collection of meditations and attunements from experts in the Conscious Evolution Summits support resting in your pure aware beingness, find comfort and wellbeing, connect with your deepest hearts desire, vibrite in love and much more.

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