Frequently asked questions about the
summit technology & schedule

1. Is participation really free? YES (... read more)

2. I have a problem to register  

3. I haven't received an e-mail to confirm my registration

4. I don't receive e-mails with the interview access links

5. Problems playing the videos?

6. How and when can I watch the video interviews?

7. The sound is bad to understand

8. Can I download the videos? - YES (... read more)

9. Can I find the full videos somewhere else?

10. Are the videos also available on DVD?

11. Problems finding the download links after purchasing the summit download package?

12. What happens to my email address?

Thank you for your interest in the summit! Here we have put together frequently asked questions about the summit. If you have any problem, please check if you can find an answer here, before you contact us via this e-mail:

With love!

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