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  • 35 videos
  • 36 audios
  • bonus material value € 750
  • € 4,40 per video

be inspired and touched
by the wisdom, love and embodiment of coaches, Therapists, scientists, ACTIVISTS, AuTHORS, visionary leaders and spiritual teachers 
Speakers in 2019

Agathi Chris, Anneloes Smitsman, Annette Kaiser, Anodea Judith PH.D., Aurora Pagonis, Bence Ganti, Bob Jayco, Craig Hamilton, Cynthia Bledsoe, Dieter Langenecker, Dr. Elizabeth Debold & Dr. Thomas Steininger, Heidi Gutekunst, Janet Grace Neslon, Sister Jayanti, Jeanne White Eagle Pehrson, Jeff Carreira, John D. Liu, John de Ruiter, Dr. Julie Krull, Dr. Kathy Sipple, Kurt Johnson, Laura Kaestele, Lynne McTaggart, Nicholas Janni, Patricia Albere, Chief Phil Lane Jr., Pleasance Hansen, Ralf Marzen, Rollin McCraty PH.D., Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Sharon Moloney PH.D., Shelley Darling, Stephen Dynako, Steve Farrell, Dr. Sue Morter, Thomas Moore, Warren Brush, Waimaania & Ojasvin.

When you click this link you can see the speakers from 2018: Speakers 2018

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  • 35 video interviews (mp4) with many internationally renowned speakers (over 40 hours of video)
  • all content permanently provided with instant download option
  • 36 interviews also as audios (mp3)
  • valuable, exclusive bonus gifts & extras 

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bonus Material from Speakers of the
Conscious evolution summit - value € 750 

  • A dream becomes true -pdf from Annette Kaiser
  • Where are we going - pdf from Annette Kaiser
  • The science of interconnectivity - e-book from Rollin McCraty Ph.D. and Annette Deyhle Ph.D. 
  • Activating your female power - MP3 from Sharon Moloney
  • Essential Spirituality - free Videoseries with Sister Jayanti
  • Masterclass and Embodiment Meditation with Dr. Sue Morter
  • The Energy Codes - Digital Support Package from Dr. Sue Morter
  • Book excerpt from John de Ruiters "Intelligence of Love"
  • John de Ruiter TV - one month free access
  • 15% reduction for "Living A Life You Love course" (valid until Oct.31st) with Dieter Langenecker 


I love this online summit as it supports us - humanity, in our process of developing and deepening unconditional love, evolutionary ascension and the rising of our frequency which is the base in shifting our consciousness and creating a more harmonic and supportive way of being & living. Listening to all the experts again and again, sharing their story and knowledge is a beautiful way in finding a balanced and diverse opinion about this topic and how we can actively evolve with it and in it.

Livia Elana // Germany

I am really enjoying the summit presentations. I feel that there is a strong transmission coming from each and every speaker and conversation. It seems like the format of the interviews and your style of interviewing allows the presenters to be open and relaxed and very engaged.
I am 'consciously evolving' by participating in the summit and i know I will re-listen to many of the conversations. Thanks to you Puria. This summit is a real gift to us all. Warm regards and much respect.

Ellen Turgasen // USA

"Thank you, Puria, for offering to us a magical place to slow our journey, take some deeper breaths, allowing the nourishing insights of wise friends / teachers to sink into our consciousness for deeper healing, cleansing and clearing. Here, on this platform, we all have an opportunity to create inner movements and to embrace " not knowing and beingness " softly, tenderly, and with deep trust. With much love and gratitude, Tu"

Tu Dinh //Hawaii

I have watched many summits over the years and yours I would rank at the very top, among the two or three most meaningful, deep, and impactful. Your presence and love were as responsible for this as the depth and wisdom of your guests. Also, on a purely technical basis, the beauty of the production created a nurturing package for the delivery of the content. Thank you, thank you for all you give.
I do hope you will continue. It is so rare to have someone of your consciousness doing summits of this breadth.

Tomar Levine  // USA




Download Package 2019

  • 35 videos
  • 36 audios
  • bonus material value € 750
  • € 4,40 per video
  • Use the energy of the beginning and start with its momentum into more wisdom, love and embodiment
  • You receive high quality and unique teachings about shifting consciousness at a reasonable price of € 4,40 or € 3,40 per video
  • Support me and my team so that we can soon have a free online summit again for many people
  • Support "Embracing the World". 10 % of our net proceeds will be donated.


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Download Package 2019

  • 35 videos
  • 36 audios
  • bonus material value € 750
  • € 4,40 per video

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My Vision with this summit is to activate the new consciousness, enable us to shift from ego to love and create a world which respects all beings and nature.

The conversations with these wonderful, inspiring, loving experts have had a lasting impact on me and I sincerely hope that this unique summit package will enrich your life in a similar way.


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