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Birth Your Future Self & Upgrade Humanity

Codes For Conscious Self Evolution 

Get To Know Puria And Her Vission

Evolutionary metamorphosis
Learn to Upgrade your self and
support THE BIRTH of an emerging new Human species

Birth Your Future Self & Upgrade Humanity with Puria

In this video Puria will share her motivation, passion and purpose for the upcoming 13-month program.

There was never a more perfect time than now, for a fundamental shift in consciousness. You are much more powerful than you might be aware of.

What if you could be part of a group co-determing the trajectory of the evolution of humanity? 

Puria explains the importance of the space in which we will come together - she calls it an "Evolutionary Greenhouse". In a short meditation you can get a taste of it.

You will also get an overview of the influences and the structure of this upcoming program.

"We all carry the secret of an ever evolving universe within us.
We are a force of love.
Our physical embodiment is meant to be a pure expression of that." - Puria


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