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Steve Farrell - Humanity's Team

Patricia Albere - Evolutionary Collective

Dr. Julie Krull - Dr. Julie Show

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The Matrix of Healing & Change
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Awaken into Consciousness
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Are you a pioneering soul?
Then come and join us in an initiatory, life altering and self transforming journey into an emerging new reality.
Together we will form an intimately interconnected being-body which will activate Evolutionary Codes.

we offer you these free downloads

No effort, no change is needed, only you being yourself and relaxing into the nature of your true being. Embody your radiant sun like nature, filled with joy, love, creativity and activate thereby the same in others.  

 This is my invitation to release heaviness, tension and burden on all levels and bath in the nurture of purest love. Fill your entire system and become the radiant, shining being which you truly are.

A guided meditation to ease, relax and feel connected. See how different you feel after only 9 minutes.

This video contains a little bit of theory and simple powerful body exercises to regulate your nervous system.

I guide you to your source of inner wisdom where you can ask relevant questions for example about your conscious evolution

A guided meditation to receive support from your eternal source for your evolutionary shift into a new being.

"Connecting with your Essence" - after a short introduction follows a 10 minutes meditation to guide you into your essence.

A 30 minutes guided meditation to cleanse your Chakras, get nourished by earth & spirit and align with your Future Self

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individual support on your journey of healing & awakening

Puria offers different services like individual sessions and workshops offline and online. Her greates passion is to empower you into your unique brilliance in an individual retreat.
You can benefit from her experience of more than 25 years working as a spiritual guide and healer. In her "tool box" is a deep understanding of our multidimensional beingness. She learned a medical profession, studied 4 years with a shamanic lineage from the Mayan Culture, she reads in the Akashic Records and is trained as an Emotional Detox Bodywork Practitioner..
Puria is engaged in several networks for example the Integral Community, Co-Creating Europe, the Evolutionary Collective, the  Life Purpose Group.and is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle.
Visit her website:



"As I reflect on my year, I am clear your conscious evolution summit is one of the highlights this year. Your powerful journey and work clearly hit the mark of what we are all striving for - to consciously evolve. I salute you and thank you for your bravery to come forward in a capacity with which others have not quite been able. The world of tele summits is changing and you have presented a model that is compassionate, kind and inclusive. I felt and saw that."

Grace Valador from Canada


""I have watched many summits over the years and yours I would rank at the very top, among the two or three most meaningful, deep, and impactful. Your presence and love were as responsible for this as the depth and wisdom of your guests. Also, on a purely technical basis, the beauty of the production created a nurturing package for the delivery of the content. Thank you, thank you for all you give. 
I do hope you will continue. It is so rare to have someone of your consciousness doing summits of this breadth."

Tomar Levine from USA



"The session still unfolds powerfully. Since quiet a long time I haven't experienced such an intense healing session. Literally a part of me got released and is born newly. I experience new behavior pattern and deep peace. And recently I received the insight: I don't need to protect myself anymore. Many thanks for your attentive presence. During the session I completely felt secure and in caring hands. This was crucial in order to be able to go that far. And of course, it was in the right moment.“  

R. K. from Germany


"It was a real pleasure working with Puria. What first made me contact her was her Being. When looking into her eyes it was obvious to me that she is very pure and connected deeply to source. During the sessions I felt very safe, held and comfortable. Puria was full of integrity, a balance of masculine and feminine, and unconditional love. This allowed me to open into and heal deep places within me and discover a deeper level of Self-Love. If you are called to work with Puria, I can highly recommend her."  

T. M. from Denmark